By Dee Williams and Rahul Bhargava

The switch to remote learning during the Covid pandemic has been challenging for educators of all stripes, and those trying to teach data storytelling have been no exception. Many of our data literacy activities in their current form are dependent on robust small-group discussion and real-time collaboration. This doesn’t translate that easily to online venues, as we discuss in our recent Pandemic Pedagogy workshop paper. Our WordCounter-based “Sketch a Story” activity presents a special challenge in that the main learning happens in small group collaborative sketching sessions. The experience of drawing together is one that’s particularly difficult to replicate online…

Revisiting a project.

“Boston Public Library” by Timothy Neesam (GumshoePhotos) is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Librarians are key connections between the public and information of all types, but how can we help them introduce civic data better? The Civic Data Ambassadors program was a six-week online course that taught librarians how to be for open data in their communities. Launched by the Engagement Lab at Emerson University, it was led by Catherine D’Ignazio and Eric Gordon and featured Rahul Bhargava as a video trainer (you can still watch all the videos produced). This program was built around many of the first hands-on activities that are now…

Dee Williams

Puzzle enthusiast and master's candidate in Experience Design at Northeastern University (‘22). Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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